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The Global Parenting Network Family (GPNF) was founded as a 'Legacy Organization," by Dr. Gregory Johnson, and his late wife Dr. Theresa Mejia-Johnson, with a team of parents, educators, attorneys, physicians, legislators, and child advocates in 2014. GPNF is a multi award-winning 501c3 non-profit, Parenting Advocacy organization that is purpose driven to strengthen and empower parents, and to support families with a myriad of inspirational programs and services. GPNF believes parents are the difference between a struggling community versus a dynamic community.


At GPNF, we have chosen to be the catalyst to empower parents to view their role as the highest natural leadership position in the world. We do this through research, interactive workshops, dynamic seminars, our parent coaching network, an empowerment/advocacy agenda titled 'Parenting Ambassadors,' informational newsletters, a soon to be launched blogging network, publishing, and a host of additional services confirming and empowering assets to the world of parenting. We are actively engaged in meetings on a state, national and international platform to influence decisions on behalf of our families, propose new legislations, and lobby for amendments of existing laws and regulations.


During these challenging times, parents throughout the world are actively participating in our services, as we answer their call and launch a 'Phoenix Stage' of redevelopment. We are passionately committed to supporting our families during this global pandemic, to sharing important health information, and to helping parents find employment and housing. We understand the challenges everyone is facing, and we are working diligently to answer calls for urgent assistance including food distribution, essential supplies,  protective masks, and counselling for those feeling the isolation and stress of Covid-19 within our communities. 


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- Preparing parents and children for a new norm -


- Ongoing meetings on a state, national and international platform to influence decisions on behalf of our families - Propose new legislations, and lobby for amendments of existing laws and regulations -


-  Inspirational interactive programs for children and parents with special needs - 


- Supporting our military families with assistance programs in employment, housing, education, grief counselling, relocation, and adapting to civilian life -


- Ensuring that those who need to work from home have adequate opportunities - Assisting working parents in finding new careers with online training -


- Ensuring ALL children and parents have access to internet, computers, and support - We are developing skills by bringing innovative learning in community health globally and STEM education, scaling what works, and building sustainable solutions. 


- Ensuring all children have access to sporting opportunities to enhance their physical, mental, and psychological growth and maturity, where teamwork and leadership is encouraged, and experienced -


- Ensuring ALL families have access to technology regardless of zip code, where every child can have all he/she needs to learn, graduate, and go to college-


- Helping children understand social justice, civic responsibility, the environment, ecology, and media in this changing world -


- Ensuring all families have access to nutritious food, and clean water - Teaching parents food hygiene and preparation - Partnering with programs to ensure no child goes to bed hungry -


- Assisting parents to help their children through loss, stress, and trauma -


- Teaching children compassion, trust, and responsibility by caring for a pet - Utilizing their trusted best friend in counselling and rehabilitation services - 



- Ongoing Advocacy to insure all lives and rights are preserved and supported - Ensuring all women have access to quality healthcare, screening, and unbiased counselling, prenatal, and postnatal care -


- Ensuring all children have access to musical instruments and encouraged to express themselves, which leads to confidence, coordination, cultural learning, joy, and peace -


- Teaching children about end of life, and learning the wisdom, cultural and generational traditions from their elders - 


- Equity management and financial stability coaching to enable families to own their own homes, and gain freedom from debt - 


- Insulation of homes and safety equipment to Keep our families healthy and safe throughout the year -


- Character building, Student Exchanges, Family Reunions, Mentorship Forums, Retreats, Workshops, Focus Groups, Summits & Local/ State/National Conferences -


The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has upended the lives of children and their families around the world. As COVID-19 has spread, so has misinformation – fueling discrimination and stigma. Global Parenting Network (GPN) is working with health experts to promote facts over fear, bringing trustworthy guidance and answering some of the questions families might have.

Symptoms can include fever, dry cough, shortness of breath and tiredness. In more severe cases, infection can cause pneumonia or breathing difficulties. More rarely, the disease can be fatal.

Based on what we currently know, transmission of COVID-19 is primarily occurring from people when they have symptoms (including mild symptoms), and can also happen just before they develop symptoms, when they are in close proximity with others for prolonged periods of time. While someone who never develops symptoms can also pass the virus to others, there’s ongoing research into how often this is the case.

Precautions you and your family can take to help avoid infection:

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.

  • Cover mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of used tissue immediately.

  • Keep at least 2 meters (6 feet) distance between yourself and others.

  • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces like phones, doorknobs, light switches and countertops.

  • Seek medical care early if you, your child and/or spouse/partner has a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or other symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Avoid crowded places, confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, and try to practice physical distancing from people in public.

  • Wear fabric masks when in public places where there is community transmission and where physical distancing is not possible.

  • Keep all indoor spaces well ventilated.

These symptoms are similar to the flu (influenza) or the common cold, which are a lot more common than COVID-19. This is why testing is required to confirm if someone has COVID-19. It’s important to remember that key prevention measures are the same – frequent hand washing, and respiratory hygiene (cover your cough or sneeze with a flexed elbow or tissue, then throw away the tissue into a closed bin).


counselling services

Parent Concierge

Parent Coaching



Group Discussions

Focus Groups

parent ambassador

Common Sense Parenting

Parent Advocacy

Core Leadership

extended & essential services

Youth: Pearls, Ambassadors, Mindquest (games) -

Military: Family Forum, Coaching & Counselling, Employment: Job Search, Workshops, Career, Veteran & Spouse, Housing -

Grandparents: Social Integration, Family & Cultural Values -

Education: Youth - Preschool, Secondary, Career Options - Post-Secondary - Adult: Lifelong Learning - Fitness: Mental, Physical & Spiritual -

Homeless: Food, Shelter, Transition (Recovery) - Family Health Management:

supportive activities

Fathers Walk


Healthy Fathers Coalition

County Fatherhood Commission

Fathers & Families Coalition

Global Day of Parents

United Nations

Parents/Family Day


Sponsored Walk

Mother's Day

Father's Day

Children's Day

Meet The Team


Gregory Johnson,PhD.


Global Parenting Network Family - Chairman

National Association of Nonprofit Organization Executives - Governor

American Psychological Association - Member

Human Synergistic - Bronze

Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership - Member

Parenting 2.0 - Global Presence Ambassador

Healthy Fathering Collaborative - Original Member

CWRU MOD/MPOD - Advisory Board

COPLTI - Affiliate Partner

Father's & Family Coalition USA - Affiliate 

Concentric Parent - Coach & Author

Executive Leadership - Coach

National Assoc Distinguished Professionals - Member

1973-1980 Director, Employee Relations - Cleveland Clinic  Foundation

1980-1986 Vice President - Mercy Hospitals of Central Ohio

2000-2001 President & CEO - Lorain County Urban League, OH

1991-2007 Executive Vice - Urban League of Greater Cleveland, OH

2004-2006 State Director - March of Dimes, OH

2007-2011 President & CEO - Pinella County Urban League, FL

2008-2011 Board Member - Academy Prep Centers of Education

2009-2011 Strategic Committee Member - Pinellas Education Foundation, FL

2008-2011 Board Member - The First Tee of Pinellas County, FL


Case Western Reserve - Weatherhead School of Management - Masters Degree in Organization Development & Analysis

Barkley University - Doctor of Philosophy - Organizational Leadership

Dartmouth College - The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth - Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Management, Business Administration, Management & Operations

University of Michigan - Post Graduate Executive Leadership & Management


Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service - President Obama  USA


Christine Johnson,PhD.


Global Parenting Network Family– President/CMO

Worldwide Anglican Church - Co-Presiding Archbishop

African Trinity Theological College - Chancellor  

Jesus Seminary of the Himalayas - Professor of Doctoral Studies

St Agnes Christian Education Center - Patron

Hosanna Children's Home,  Uganda - Patron

WAC Women Warriors - Founder & Patron

WAC Warrior Men - Founder

Radio & TV Host/Keynote Speaker

Published Author/Songwriter/Recording Artist - publications housed in the Library of Congress

International Federation of Christian Chaplains Inc. – Chaplain # 4226

1996-2000 Indian Nations Development Program - European Ambassador, Navajo Nation

2007-2009 Campbell County Chamber of Commerce, WY - Investor Relations and Chief of Staff for Public Policy, Agriculture, Energy & Natural Resources, Retail Development

2009-2011 NJ State Chamber of Commerce, NJ - Former Business Manager

2011-2012 United International Chamber of Commerce – Former CEO/President

2010-2011 United Nations - Former U.N. Representative for India, Armenia & the Congo


Graduate of the International Federation of Christian Chaplains Academy, Gillette citizens Police Academy, Gillette Area Leadership Institute, Halcyon Seminary, the Manchester School of Music, Crown Theological Seminary of New England, Rockhurst University, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, the Royal Academy of Music, and Cambridge University. Core competencies include: theology, business administration, music, chaplaincy, public policy, direct sales, event planning, digital marketing, brand development, animation and film production, digital photography, public speaking, customer service, project management, executive support, interviewing and recruitment, counseling, technical writing, performance review, team building and mentoring. She is highly experienced in diplomatic relations and has a keen sense of cultural awareness.


300+ Woman of Distinction and Lifetime Achievement Awards incl. Gospel Image Awards, United Nations, Girl Scouts of America, March of Dimes, Lions Club International, Desai Eye Hospital, Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service -  Former US President, The Hon. Barack Obama. 

Executive Board Member

Byron Dillard, BS.


Principle and the Managing Member of Meridian Hospitality Group. 

Veteran Program/Project Manager with over twenty years of leading large-scale Construction, Technology, Entrepreneur, Governmental Affairs and Professional Services projects.

Construction Manager for two of the National Capital Region’s largest and highest profiles endeavors: renovation of The Watergate Hotel (2015 through 2016), modernization of the Department of Commerce (2014 through 2015) and the Weirton Area Port Authority in Weirton, West Virginia (2010 through 2013)

Government Relations specialist for one of America’s largest energy trade association.

Senior marketing liaison to the Clinton White House and Federal government, responsible for assisting member companies with overcoming issues affecting their marketing and operational initiatives and promoting the industry’s state of the art technologies. Byron’s advocacy assignment included the following Federal agencies: Department of Energy, General Services Administration, Department of Transportation, Defense Fuels Logistics Agency, Department of Labor and United States Postal Service.

Information Technology Leadership (April 2011 through 2012) Independent Verification and Validation specialists for the United Kingdom’s Military Flight Training function tasked with supporting the MFTS program in replacing existing simulation software including the analogue cockpit-equipped Bell 412. The oversight role entailed my supporting industry giant Lockheed Martin (United States – Orlando, Florida) and Ascent Flight Training Systems of the United Kingdom. Under Byron’s leadership, the program realized its objectives on time and on budget.

Technology Leadership credentials were developed for a variety of programs ranging from the leadership of design and development efforts for web based programming (District Department of Public Works) to more sophisticated and complex efforts such as the Project Management of NEXTEL’s National Trouble Ticketing system that encompassed a implementation and maintenance function for the Telecommunications national support software with a footprint that covered the entire United States. Complementing Program Management roles entailed: the District Homeland Security Emergency Management Administration (Grant Management) – Target Hardening Acquisitioning of Tier 1 and 2 Critical Infrastructure Protection targets; Federal Trade Commission – the design, development and installment of Software Security Patches (Hercules); District Office of the Chief Financial Officer’s Office of Tax and Revenue (PM, Independent Verification and Validation, and Business Process Analysis) – Technical Audit of the District’s newly Installed Tax Modernization Systems prepared by Accenture; District Department of Transportation (PM and Business Process Analysis); NETTEL Communications (Key Performance Indicators Program), Quest Diagnostics (Digital Documentation through Optical Character Recognition), NEXTEL Communications (National Trouble Ticketing System), the United States Postal Service (Year 2000 Readiness Program – Energy and Telecommunications), and, the General Services Administration (508 Compliance and Personnel Assessment Survey).

Education and Certificates

B.S. Business Administration, University of Memphis, Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Critical Infrastructure Protection and Key Resources Asset Protection – DHS, National Incident Management System FEMA – DHS, National Framework Response FEMA IS – DHS, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Actions Incidents FEMA IS – DHS, National Infrastructure Protection Plan FEMA – DHS, Project Management Institute (Certificate lapsed), American Gas Association - Executive Development Program, Congressional Quarterly - Understanding Congress / Advocacy Training, University of Central Arkansas - Community Development Institute, Boston College - Center for Corporate Community Relations and Little Rock Chamber of Commerce Leadership Institute.


Presidential Service Award – Federal Fleet Conversion Task Force (Clinton Administration)

Bronze Quill Award – International Association of Business Communicators (1989 and 1990)

Small Business Advocate of the Year – Small Business Administration (1988 and 1989

Training Curriculum Developer

Kimberly Smith


Kimberly Smith is a wellness advocate, urban youth educator, and community engagement expert! For the past 14 years Kimberly Smith has served as Founder of Wings of Discovery; a Not-For Profit that was founded with the purpose to educate youth through travel. Coupled with her years in the urban sector, Kimberly has also worked as a Project manager for several building projects, community engagement initiative, and small business start-ups on the south side of Chicago. She is most known for her ability to navigate through challenging tasks, and those who have worked with Kimberly commend her for being a joyful, inspiring, and straightforward person. Kimberly also has served as a Property Manager for the Chicago Housing Authority in years past, which led to the opening of her own property management company, 'Resurgence Mogul' in 2016.

She served as the President of the LSC – Local School Council at Martha Ruggles School, and has served as a board member for a myriad of organizations. Kimberly is a business owner and partners with other companies to strengthen alliances. She collaborates with other non profit organizations, including 'Tomorrow is Today,' in Washington, D.C.

Education and Certificates

She is a Certified Youth Practitioner, Life Coach, Parent Ambassador/Concierge, Mandated Reporter and certified in Positive Youth Development. 


She has received a number of leadership recognitions, including the 'Unsung Hero Award.'

 She has been featured in 'Barron’s Magazine,' and the 'Institute for Justice Liberty & Law Magazine,' as an Entrepreneur and business owner.

Corporate Social Responsibility



Employees like working for a company that has a good public image and is constantly in the media for positive reasons. Nearly 60% of employees who are proud of their company’s social responsibility are engaged in their jobs.


Companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs are looking for nonprofits to be the recipient of grants, matching gift programs, and volunteer grant programs. CSR initiatives help nonprofits find support beyond individual donors.



CSR is a thoughtful and practical way to give back to society. When businesses are conscious of their social and environmental impact on the world, they can benefit society by giving back and helping to find solutions to everyday issues.




By taking part in CSR, businesses are providing positive social value. Consumers are reporting more and more that they are likelier to work with companies or purchase goods from companies that are socially responsible.



- Let’s change the face of leadership — together!

We believe in diversity, in the spirit of mentorship, in making great investments. Our programs and services are an extension of who we are and what we stand for. If you are looking for a new way to connect with organizations that support the future you would like to see in your community and the world, consider becoming a Global Parenting Network Family Strategic Partner. Please contact us for our complete package of benefits. 


CSR impacts companies, nonprofits, and employees alike. Corporate social responsibility is not a mandated practice in the United States; instead, it is something extra that companies do to improve their local and global communities. 

The purpose of corporate social responsibility is to give back to the community, take part in philanthropic causes, and provide positive social value. Businesses are increasingly turning to CSR to make a difference and build a positive brand around their company.



The Global Parenting Network Expos and  Parenting Ambassador Affiliate Network give sponsors the opportunity to market to the strong community of Parents. Parents have tremendous consumer needs and purchasing power. Studies show that Parents are very brand loyal and recommend their favorite brands to friends, family, and business associates—with the overwhelming majority saying they use the same products and services in their home for the safety and well-being of their household and community. A customized program will be created for each sponsor with the following packages as guidelines. All sponsors receive a detailed sponsorship report after each event. All sponsors will be highlighted on the Global Parenting Network web with a link to your selected marketing link.



Charitable Partners:  American Cancer Society - Juvenile Diabetes - March of Dimes

A portion of the annual proceeds will be donated to each of the Charitable Partners. 

Global Parenting Network is a 501 c (3) non-profit organization with all sponsor fees being tax deductible.




Access Impressions



  • Access Impressions

Signage and exhibitor opportunities.

  • Recognition from the platform.

  • Branding in national resource lists for Parents and Families.

  • Hyperlink to web sites with over 10,000 hits per week.

  • Logo inclusion in national consumer magazines which have a circulation of over 200,000.

  • VIP passes for staff and special clients to events.



Access Impressions Connections Direct Response


  • Branding to national Parenting organizations including membership of NPO, NPLTI, and Head Start and March of Dimes organizations, which have a database of over 300,000.

  • Premier booth locations at events with trade shows.

  • Direct Response: Attendees at events receive special coupons and/or offers to drive customers to your company.

  • Option to provide premium in show bag and prize giveaways. Company representatives can give presentations at events.

  • Option to sponsor breakfast or luncheon.

  • All of the benefits of Maverick Sponsor are included.



Access Connections Direct Response Extended Reach Book Tour Spokesperson Media


  • Special dedicated advanced campaign to all attendees promoting your company.

  • On-site sales, sampling and speaking opportunities.

  • Inclusion in social media platforms.

  • Endorsed email campaign to Global Parenting Network proprietary database of over 20,000.

  • Global Parenting Network as spokesperson in promotion campaign and Parenting book tour to major media outlets.

  • Product placement. All of the benefits of the Innovator Sponsor are also included.



Naming Rights Visibility

Access Connections Impressions Direct Response Extended Reach Book Tour Spokesperson Media


  • Naming Rights as Presenting Sponsor of global Parenting Network and Parenting Ambassador Expo’s.

  • National media release campaign promoting your company as brand-friendly to women.

  • Product giveaways during keynotes.

  • Direct mail campaign to proprietary list of women business owners.

  • Branding in the national media including print, radio, Internet and television.

  • Dedicated special follow-up promotion to attendees at events.

  • Benefits of all packages are included.


The Virtual Fathers Walk, supporting father involvement in education, was held on Thursday October 15th at 9:00 am. The virtual event was sponsored by WKYC Studios and hosted by the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative, Passages and the Healthy Fathering Collaborative.


The event featured Brandon Simmons of WKYC Studios as emcee; author Margaret Bernstein reading her new book, The Fathers Walk; a tribute to founder Theresa Mejia Johnson by Al Grimes and Dr Brian Moore; and the Fathers Walk Pledge led by community fathers.


We encouraged all fathers attending the Virtual Fathers Walk to reach out to their children's schools to continue involvement throughout the school year. Father and male mentor involvement in education matters more than ever this year during the pandemic. And we encourage the community to support the thousands of fathers, uncles, grandfathers, stepfathers, foster fathers, brothers and mentors that step up to support the education of children in their lives.

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